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I have worked with a lot of kids over the years that had hard lives at home. Many of the kids that I have worked with have told me how they wish that their parents would just listen to what they have to say. If you are a teen struggling to find someone to listen, a counselor will be able to help. I created this blog to help teenagers find the person that they feel comfortable with to talk about anything that could be troubling them. By talking out problems, bigger problems can sometimes be avoided. Find out more on my blog.

Worried About Your Loved Ones Mental Status? 4 Tips To Get Them The Help They Need

16 June 2017
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If your loved one is suffering from a mental illness, it might be time to consider inpatient treatment. Unfortunately, mental health hospitals have taken quite a beating over the years, especially in the movies. The stigma created through these representations can make it difficult for people to opt for voluntary treatment. However inpatient treatment in a mental health hospital can be exactly what your loved one needs to get back on the path to a healthy future. Read More …

Recovering From A Porn Addiction Via An Online Program

14 May 2017
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Has a lack of sexual intercourse with your partner led to you developing an addiction to pornography? If your partner is now threatening to end the relationship if you don't stop watching pornography, getting assistance from a professional might be the solution to the problem. All you have to do is make an appointment to visit with a pornography counselor, or can take up a course online to overcome the addiction. Read More …

Focus On This: 5 Drug-Free Ways For Managing Your Adult ADHD

24 March 2017
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Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can disrupt everyday life and present some serious challenges. This disorder mainly causes those affected to have difficulty concentrating or focusing on everyday tasks and keeping their lives organized. If you suffer from adult ADHD, you are probably looking for ways to regain your life and stay better organized. Here are ways to manage this disorder—some you may be working on, and others you may not have given thought to: Read More …

Why You Should Not Ignore Your Anxiety And Depression

1 February 2017
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A lot of people may struggle with feelings of anxiety and depression during stressful times, but do you feel depressed and anxious almost all the time? If so, you may have problems with anxiety and depression, and you should not ignore these issues. Anxiety and depression often occur from imbalances of brain chemicals, and they can worsen over time if they are not treated. Here are three reasons you should consider getting help for your anxiety and depression instead of ignoring these feelings. Read More …

What Therapies Are Most Effective For Highly Sensitive People?

9 February 2016
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Whether you've been formally diagnosed as a highly sensitive person (HSP) or have simply begun to suspect some of the undue stress and tension you experience when exposed to certain noises, textures, smells, or even conflict or criticism may be due to this condition, you're probably wondering whether there are any treatment options that can benefit you. Although this condition is relatively common -- affecting up to 20 percent of individuals -- it has only been in recent years that it has been given a name (sensory processing sensitivity (SPS)), and many psychologists and other mental health professionals aren't yet well-versed in SPS management. Read More …