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I have worked with a lot of kids over the years that had hard lives at home. Many of the kids that I have worked with have told me how they wish that their parents would just listen to what they have to say. If you are a teen struggling to find someone to listen, a counselor will be able to help. I created this blog to help teenagers find the person that they feel comfortable with to talk about anything that could be troubling them. By talking out problems, bigger problems can sometimes be avoided. Find out more on my blog.

How To Get Professional Counseling Services

20 January 2021
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Going through mental health counseling can be one of the biggest gifts that you give yourself. Life throws so many trying times and circumstances at us that it only makes sense to get help every now and then. When you find the assistance of licensed counseling professionals, you can move forward knowing that you're doing everything you can for your mental health. Use the tips in this article to begin going to counseling on a regular basis. Read More …

What Happens In A Drug Addiction Recovery Program?

20 October 2020
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People start using drugs for many reasons. Most people who do drugs don't intend to get addicted. If you've realized you have a drug problem, there is help available. Drug addiction recovery programs can help you stop abusing substances. Here are four things that will happen when you agree to attend drug addiction recovery treatment with an addiction counselor: 1. You will attend a previously determined number of counseling sessions Read More …

Therapy Options For Troubled Youth

11 August 2020
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The teenage years can be especially troubling for many parents. In some cases, teenagers require additional help to get through adolescence, perhaps because they have experienced trauma or face some underlying mental health issues.  Are you looking for the right kind of therapist to help you with your troubled teen? These are a few treatment options you might consider if you believe therapy is right for your child. Individual Therapy Read More …

When To Take Your Child To A Child Psychologist

26 May 2020
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Being a parent can be tough sometimes, and it can be hard to know the right thing to do at every moment of every day. This is especially true when it comes to your child's emotional and mental health. It can be hard to know what is normal child behavior and feelings and what warrants further attention. By learning when those behaviors and feelings warrant further attention, you can be sure you reach out and get the help you need. Read More …

What To Expect During A Psychological Evaluation

6 February 2020
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Psychotherapy can be a valuable tool for treating a wide variety of psychological conditions. Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and personality disorders can all be treated with talk therapy. In order to get the most out of psychotherapy, your doctor may want to formally diagnose you. Diagnosing your mental health condition can provide both you and your doctor with clarity; it can help your doctor focus your treatment appropriately. Here are four things you can expect during a psychological evaluation: Read More …