How To Get More Out Of Reiki Healing

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How To Get More Out Of Reiki Healing

5 December 2022
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Reiki is an energy healing modality that really helps people become more in tune with their bodies and minds. It encourages self-healing and gives the mind the space it needs to let go and be free. When you work with a reiki healer, they are the guide. They use their energy to move and influence your own in a way that promotes healing. However, you are not powerless in this situation. There are some things you can do to increase the effects of reiki and get more out of your treatments. Take a look.

Go to treatment regardless of how you feel

Patients who are struggling with mental health concerns such as depression, and those with serious physical ailments such as cancer, sometimes find themselves avoiding treatment on days when they don't feel up to it. But this is when you need reiki healing the most! A session can really help bring you back into a healthy mindset, which will help you emerge from the down period you're in. Put your reiki treatments on the calendar, and treat them with as much seriousness and priority as you would a visit to the doctor or dentist.

Do something relaxing beforehand

If you arrive to reiki feeling really tense and stuck in yourself, your practitioner will have to spend the first part of your session just opening up your energy and getting you to flow again. This is okay. It happens sometimes. But it would be better if you could arrive at your reiki sessions feeling more relaxed and at ease so you can start the real healing work sooner. Is there an activity that always centers you and brings you joy? Maybe doing a little yoga or meditating for a few minutes helps. Try to do this before your reiki sessions so you arrive feeling relaxed and open.

Get comfortable

If you're comfortable in your physical body, you'll be more comfortable in your mind. And if you're more comfortable in your mind, you'll get more out of each reiki treatment. So, as you lie on the treatment table, don't be afraid to re-position a leg, bend an arm, turn your head, or otherwise adjust your position for comfort. Don't worry about what you look like; that is not what reiki is about.

With the tips above, you can get more out of your reiki sessions. Talk to a healer near you for more tips and advice.