Toxic Relationships: How An Online Peer Support Group Can Give You Strength And Courage

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Toxic Relationships: How An Online Peer Support Group Can Give You Strength And Courage

18 September 2019
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Relationships can be hard. If you are wondering if your relationship is toxic, an online peer support group can help. There are times when you might feel as if nothing you do is good enough for your partner. You may be ridiculed, financially controlled, or have fear of your partner that is hard to explain. When one person controls another one through their words and actions, the relationship is toxic and not healthy for the victim. Most people in this type of relationship don't recognize the signs until other people share a similar experience. It's not easy to know that something is wrong when it is what you have always experienced. Support matters, and online support may be your only outlet if you are isolated by your partner.

Recognizing the Warning Signs

Jealousy can come on slowly. Your partner may start by saying they always want to be around you because they love you so much, but what they are actually doing is controlling all of your actions. If you want to hang out with a friend and your partner accuses you of cheating, this is not normal. An online peer support group is a place where you can test out your situation, explain what is going on and ask for real-time advice.

Get the Courage to Leave

Leaving a toxic relationship takes money, planning, and a big amount of courage. When you are trying to leave but you are afraid for your safety, an online peer support group can make all the difference. You can ask for ideas on how to safely leave, get encouragement from those who have left bad relationships before, and look for real-world resources that can help you get your life back on track.

Listen to the Stories of Others

Sometimes all you need to understand the complexities of your own relationship is to listen to the stories of others. As people share in an online peer support group, it can be easy to recognize signs of abuse and control. Once you are able to relate these stories to things that happen in your own life, it becomes possible to have a better understanding of toxic relationships and why they are not good for you.

Peer support can be an integral part of your healing process once you leave a toxic relationship. Learn what you can from your peers, and ask questions when you have them. Peer support can give you the clarity you seek when you are trying to leave and when you are hurting because you don't understand what happened.

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