Focus On This: 5 Drug-Free Ways For Managing Your Adult ADHD

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Focus On This: 5 Drug-Free Ways For Managing Your Adult ADHD

24 March 2017
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Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can disrupt everyday life and present some serious challenges. This disorder mainly causes those affected to have difficulty concentrating or focusing on everyday tasks and keeping their lives organized. If you suffer from adult ADHD, you are probably looking for ways to regain your life and stay better organized. Here are ways to manage this disorder—some you may be working on, and others you may not have given thought to:

1. Reevaluate Your Diet

Do you tend to eat a lot of sweets? Is four cups of coffee you normal go-to during the day? Sugar and caffeine may be two culprits that are exacerbating your symptoms. If you feel disjointed and find it increasingly difficult to focus, you might want to change your eating habits. Substitute healthy snack choices, such as almonds or trail mix for that sugar-laden candy bar. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Include plenty of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, which may help to boost your brain power. Limit your intake of alcohol consumption, as this too may make your symptoms worse.

2.Stay Organized By Writing Down Your Immediate Goals

Keeping a to-do list handy will help you stay organized. What are your plans for the day? Whether it be working on a home improvement project or shopping for a new car, compose a checklist and mark off each task as it is accomplished. You may find your task list helps you accomplish more than you imagined.

3. Manage Your Finances With a Planner

If you find your ADHD makes balancing your checkbook or managing your finances a challenge, enlist a little help, electronically. Download an organizer app to your smartphone that can help you plan your budget and manage your finances. Make an entry for every purchase you make or every bill that needs to be paid. You may find this makes your finance planning more manageable.

You might also download a note-taking app for daily reminders. This may help you to not forget important meetings, deadlines, and everyday tasks.

4. Eliminate Distractions

Whether you are working or concentrating on a new project, try to eliminate outside distractions. You may find that a white-noise simulator may help you do so. Or you might listen to soothing music (privately, with the use of earbuds) as you work. Do whatever works best for you.

5. Channel Your Energy

When you are feeling hyper and find it difficult to focus, get outside and exercise. Daily exercise is a great way to burn off that energy in a positive way. Take a bike ride, go for a brisk walk, or work out at the gym. As an added bonus, you'll feel more fit and healthy.

One final thought: If you've been prescribed medication for your ADHD, don't stop taking it without discussing this with your doctor. While all of the above drug-free methods may help you manage your symptoms, they are not intended to replace your doctor's advice. For additional advice, contact a counseling center that specializes in ADHD coaching.